Kari Byron – MythBusters 10th Anniversary

Today marks MythBusters 10th anniversary so I see no better way to celebrate today than with a sexy time gallery of Kari Byron.

On MythBusters, Byron is a co-host and, with fellow co-hosts and “Build Team” members Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara, works with Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman to test the plausibility of various myths. She and the others also host their own segments. She became involved in the show after persistently showing up at Hyneman’s M5 Industries workshop in a desire to get hired by his company. On her first day as a paid employee, she was asked by Hyneman and MythBusters producer Peter Rees to help out with the “vacuum plane toilet” myth, and was asked to model her buttocks for a cast.

Byron is a pescetarian, a fact referred to on occasion on MythBusters where she has been visibly uncomfortable when experiments have called for the use of animal remains. For a long time, she simply referred to herself as a vegetarian to avoid confusion, but later explained during an interview on the Suicide Girls website that she does in fact eat fish. In the 2010 episode “Cold Feet”, Byron went further to state that she has a “very limited diet”, and in “Flu Fiction” revealed that she has mysophobia, a fear of germs.

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